Gold Coast Cat Grooming

There are many reasons for your cat to need a groom. There are many health related conditions related to skin which can be caused be bad coats and then there are breeds of long haired cats like Ragdolls and Persians who find it very hard to keep their coats clean and knot free. As cats groom themselves these long haired cat often can pick up pollens and mould off their coats knotted. Sometimes cats vomit from excess hair balls which can be brushed out of them with a good groom.

Not all cat are easy to brush on a regular basis and even more difficult to groom so some time we need to sedate them to provide a safe environment for both the cat and the groomer.

Here at The Grooming Lounge we are luck to be able to provide cat grooms with sedation and with out sedation as grooms which requires sedation can be monitored by one of The Vet Lounge trained veterinary staff. This is different to most grooming salons as you need trained veterinary staff to provide a sedation.

Don't forget their nails, we can cut their nails which is a problem many cats owner have, they can't cut their cats nails.

Regular grooming for cats is the answer to keep your feline coat looking shinny, healthy and knot free.