Ormeau Veterinary Clinic

In 2012 The Vet Lounge open in the Norfolk Village Shopping Center in Ormeau. As a branch pactice of our Coomera Clinic we offer the same high quality veterinary care, but with the added support of a larger team just 10 minutes down the road. Open 6 days a week and  our fully train veterinary staff are here to help you and your pets. All The Vet Lounge clinics use the iConsult iPad app which will provide you with more quality information about your pet health. 

We understand the bond between owner and their pets and are committed to providing you with all of the information you require and if you have any questions please ask us as we are here to educate you about your pets health needs. 

We run puppy school at our Ormeau Clinic which is a get way to learn about your all your puppies health needs. Puppy School is a great way for your puppy to learn the very importian social skill. 

Vaccination are another very importian part of your pet life. call us for more information about vaccination.