How to reduce dog hair from your home

grooming_demoultSick of dog hair all over your house and clothes? Our groomers can reduce this shedding by 80%! You would be suprised of the amount of dead hair your dog has and why there is always hair around the house. The tools we use remove all the dead coat that is about to fall all over your floor. I had my little Papillon done and was amazed how much less¬†hair was on my floor! No clipping, just special brushes. Book your dog in for a ‘Groom Out’ this week and as a bonus you’ll receive a FREE bottle of Aloveen Conditioner valued at $14.50 (while stocks last). Bookings available Thursday & Friday at Currumbin – 5598 4000.

Lots of people wanting to get rid of the dog hair from their house, clothes & car! This photo shows the amount of hair that can be removed from a medium or large breed dog using the special brushes. You’ll honestly be thrilled at the difference it makes and NO.. the dogs don’t look bald! They look silky smooth & gorgeous!